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Hillsborough, 27278

Phone: 919-644-0600

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  1. Ronald Voss

    Is your organization working on preseving the trading path that went through old Bute County NC known as Buffalo Rice Path? If so how much have you preserved? Is the old Buffalo Rice Path known and the location marked? What information do you have.
    Thank You Ronnie Voss

    1. tmagnuson Post author

      Sorry for the delay in replying we are just now beginning to revive the website; it was hijacked a few years ago and I just regained access today. I am not familiar with the Buffalo Rice Path.Please provide more info to We generally work with land trusts to preserve large components but we also work with towns, counties, and developers to preserve small sections of old roads.

    1. tmagnuson Post author

      I apologize for the long delay in responding but I just got access. The site was hijacked some years ago and we’re only now trying to revive it. I’m announcing outings on our FaceBook page (in FB search for Trading Path Association).

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